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We take care of selling your personal items.

Leaving Singapore? Downsizing? Decluttering? It’s a pain to sell.

We’ll do it for you.


If you’ve ever sold one thing online,
you know it gets stressful.

Image by Wesley Hilario

You’ll need to take photos, write product descriptions, and upload your items. 

Always on-call for all enquiries from potential buyers and all that back-and-forth.

Meet-ups, pick-ups, no-shows, rainchecks, cancellations–that’s

all on you, too.

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What’s the REAL cost of selling your items yourself? 

Image by Nathan Dumlao


It will take you approximately 34 minutes to sell a single item– from photography all the way until delivery. If you’re selling 10 items, that adds up to 5.6 hours, or even more if you factor in additional labour like measuring furniture, pressing & hanging clothes so they look presentable, or staying home to wait for pick-ups. All this takes time away from your work, leisure, or socials. 


Image by Brandable Box


You can only list up to 30 items on Carousell for free. Most FB groups don’t allow you to list multiple items unless you pay the ads fee. Unless you have a corporate account or a subscription, delivering purchased items via a courier is at least 20% more expensive. You end up spending in order to sell.

Image by Roberto Nickson


If you have a deadline to sell your items, maybe because you’re leaving Singapore or have limited storage space, you’ll end up selling priced items for peanuts, or giving them away for free.

We’ll help you focus your time and energy on more important things.

Laptop and notepad_edited.jpg

Tell us what you need to sell or donate, and we’ll take care of everything for you.



We have storage space for all your items, big or small.


Image by Esaias Tan

Simply wait 30 days, and you’ll start to get earnings made from sales!


Image by Annie Spratt

Anything you decide to donate is converted to proceeds or in-kind donations to high-impact charities.


About The
Smart Concierge

We are a team of creatives, strategists, marketers, and administrators. Led by our service-oriented founder Joanna Blanding, we are all passionate about helping busy people get precious time back in their hands.


Our support for our 40+ clients in history spans from calendar management to managing their personal branding. Our elite team is the same group of talents behind our sister brands The Collective Asia, The Smart Shopper, and Giving is Social. We aim to serve every client as a “whole person.”


In terms of helping sell your personal items, we’ve helped families sell close to a thousand items in over seven years,

as well as  donated $5000+ to charities.

Image by Lazlo Panaflex
Image by Marissa Grootes

Here’s how we work with you

1. We go to you.

We visit your place and identify which items are sellable and which are not. We take photos and the specifications of your bulky items. We take the smaller items to our storage so we can facilitate faster order fulfilment, so we don’t have to bother you each time a buyer needs to pick-up sold items. Bulky items like furniture will stay at your place until you need to move them out. Then, we will arrange a storage space for you until they are sold.

2. we price your items.

We’ll send you a document where you can put in your desired selling prices, usually based on our suggested discounting formula and your original purchase price of the item. Then, we assess through market price research if we can sell them at your desired prices. If not, we suggest better prices that will aid in faster selling.

3. We list your items.

We identify the best platform to sell your items in terms of potential earnings: through existing resale channels like HokSiong, Cash Converters, Preloulou, Huntstreet, Refash, Reboonz, etc; or through our own ecommerce platforms including Carousell, Facebook Marketplace and Groups, our Instagram account, and others.

4. We manage enquiries, collect payments, and fulfil orders.

We take care of all the back-and-forth with interested buyers. Along the way, we will ask you questions about the items (especially those we don’t have on hand), and about your availability for pick-ups (if items remain at your place). We facilitate the payments because making sure payments have gone through will also take up your time. For items that we collect from you, we arrange courier deliveries or meet-ups with buyers.


You earn passively! You’ve skipped all the headaches that come with doing all these things yourself.

Your investment options
for a less-stressed life:

When you reach out to us, we evaluate your needs and recommend the most suitable partnership model. The Smart Concierge provides end-to-end support for individuals and families. Selling your personal items is just one of the things we do. If you realise, after our call, that you’ll need help with several other tasks and projects, we suggest you enter any of these two subscription models.

"What other help can you provide me and my family?" you might ask. Below is our comprehensive Menu of Solutions.

Monthly Support Model

10-month contract

Lower hourly rates starting at $18.15 for admin tasks.

Starts at $750/month

You get 100% of the proceeds from the sale of your items

Project-Based Support Model

One month

at a time

Hourly rates starting at $20.00 for admin tasks.

Starts at $550/month

You get 100% of the proceeds from the sale of your items

Here’s an estimate of how much your monthly

subscription will be spent on selling your personal items:

On average, it takes 34 minutes to sell one item. This involves admin work (researching the marketing price, listing the items, responding to inquiries, etc.) and on-site visits (assessment of items for sale, photo taking of bulky items, fulfilment of orders, etc.). Your $550 budget under the Project-Based Support model will allow us to sell about 34 items, regardless of their value. Remember though, this all still depends on the sellability of your items. We do our best to get them sold, give you proof of your items getting listed, and inquiries being responded to on a timely manner. But if your items don't get all sold in one month's time, you will still need to pay the monthly fee. On average, it takes 2-4 months to sell an item.


Getting on a subscription model is ideal for those who foresee getting strategic, creative, and admin support beyond our support to sell personal items. AND, if you only need help with selling your personal items, the subscription models would be ideal if you intend to sell at least $10,000 worth of items.

Otherwise, we recommend this third option:

Commission-Based Model

  • We charge $18.00 per item or 30% of the sale, whichever is higher, capped at $240/item.

  • Our support includes all the steps in the “Here’s how we work with you” above. 

  • Transportation is chargeable for location visits, starting at $25. If you'd like to send your items to us instead (if they are not bulky), you may arrange your own delivery.

  • Storage space is at $13.78/sqft per month. To optimise rental space, items that can be boxed up are stacked up.

  • Have items that can sell for less than $18 each? We will sell them as bundles!

Hire our team to sell your personal items.

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