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Personal Branding for Executives and High-Profile Leaders

Creating an authentic and distinctive brand will establish your legacy as a thought leader.




Lead with confidence. Establish your legacy.

We invite you to grow a remarkable and compelling personal brand that attracts your target audience and positively impacts their lives. Showcase your uniqueness, character, and expertise, and position yourself firmly as a trustworthy leader in your industry.

Shadow on the Wall

Feel confident about what you talk about, knowing that you have a mission every time you speak.


Create opportunities for yourself to thrive-whether it's in the corporate world or outside of it.


Be perceived as a trustworthy guide in your industry and gain more opportunity to create impact.

You are a Brand.png

You are a brand, whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not.

You are the greatest marketing channel of the business and organisations you represent, your career, and most especially yourself. When you grow your personal brand, everything else grows too.

On the other hand, without strategic personal brand management:

You fail to tap into the market you or your company could possibly reach.

You lose the opportunity to be discovered by headhunters and companies, therefore losing the opportunity to grow in your career.

You miss out on being the top-of-mind thought leader in your field of expertise–no matter how accomplished you are.

You pass up the chances of connecting, networking, and learning from leaders who share the same passion and vision as you.

You hinder yourself from reaching your full potential in your influence and your impact.


"Developing a personal brand is the same as living and breathing your resume."

-Gary Vaynerchuk


Why Build Your Personal Brand?


Solid Identity

You have a story to tell. A solid personal brand identity allows you to connect with like-minded leaders, reach your target market, and attract opportunities that are tailored-fit for you.

Spreading Influence

People follow you. When you grow your personal brand, your influence grows and spreads too. Your voice becomes even more compelling, leading more people to look up to you for intelligent opinion and insight.

Significant Impact

You have the platform to effect change. An established personal brand brings your identity from influence to impact. There is more to your story than impression and inspiration. You are meant to leave an imprint of goodness and greatness in this world.

The Smart Concierge Premium Virtual Assistant 0981.png

The Smart Concierge can help you create a personal brand that will contribute to elevating your career and opening new doors. We provide you with a fresh and strategic approach to creating a unique personal brand that will take you to the next level. We have the skills and experience to help you build a powerful brand that represents you.


An invitation to establish your legacy now!

Hi, I'm Joanna Blanding

I'm passionate about helping individuals find their greater purpose in life. I'm here to help you think strategically about your personal brand in the most inspired way.

By embracing knowledge and inspiration from others and doing the hard work over the years, I have established solid online and offline credibility. Transitioning from corporate to business was less challenging than expected, especially in acquiring clients, because I had been able to create a personal brand for myself even while employed. My businesses, including The Smart Concierge and The Collective, to name a few, have attracted amazing clients by mere word of mouth. And it's been three years now, and I have only had to spend a little money generating leads. With no highfaluting credentials to start with under my name, I have gained the trust of my audience, whether it's in client servicing, coaching and mentorship, or speaking engagements. 

I feel very purposeful and confident about the legacy that I will be leaving my children and the world. My team and I are here to support you in your own journey.

We are equipped.

We are not only administrative. We are a team of creative talents who are proficient strategists, prolific copywriters and professional designers. The team behind The Smart Concierge is the same team behind The Collective Asia, which provides purpose-minded businesses with easy-to-follow and highly customised business, marketing, and administrative solutions. We have undergone training and continue to equip ourselves to provide you with outstanding personal brand management support.

We truly care about you.

You have your hands full. You're busy fulfilling your demanding role at work, perhaps managing a team, and balancing all that with your personal life. We understand this, and we're here for you. We look at you as a whole person and think, "How can we support them so they thrive in life?" That's why our solutions span from administrative assistance to strategic and creative work. 

The Smart Concierge Premium Virtual Assistant 0981.png

The Personal Branding Process

Let us achieve your life goals. Our team will work with you to co-create a unique personal brand around who you are, and your unique qualities, skills, and passions–all supporting your great vision for your life.

Discover + Audit


Everything begins with clarity. Critical to this is having an inspired vision and a plan to fulfil it. We will facilitate the conversation and documentation of your goals and ultimate vision for your life. We can help you draw a path towards that direction when we clearly understand this.

Portrait with Glasses


Brand Strategy

After we conduct an audit, we will develop your brand strategy. First, it will outline the core foundation that needs to be consistent to create cohesive branding. Here, we will help you establish the topics you can regularly talk about online and offline to show thought leadership. We will also identify your tone of voice and editorial style. Finally, we will help you pick out the strategic platforms to seize where your target audience is.


Visual Brand

A great visual brand gives you the visibility you need to amplify your impact. If you want to play a bigger game of influence, you have to stand out in the marketplace and be remembered. If your visual assets clearly communicate your message, your Brand will resonate with the right people. We will explore design elements and dive into details that will give you the competitive visual advantage required. This includes creating a logo and tagline or personal mission statement, developing a colour scheme, graphic design style, and photographic direction. At the end of this exercise, you will own your unique and comprehensive Brand Guide. You can share this with colleagues at work, potential project or business partners, organisations, and the media who will soon invite you to speaking engagements and publicity. Most importantly, it is the "map" that you will refer back to when ensuring you are going the direction you want.

Smiling Businesswoman


Content Creation

In your tone of voice and style, we will start creating content primarily for your LinkedIn profile, other social media channels we see fit for your brand, and other media. Our experienced content creators and copywriters will support you to ensure that your personal brand represents your authentic self. As a result, you will be confident that there is consistency in your message.


Elevating and Refining

This is where we take what we have created and elevate it. We will seek opportunities beyond LinkedIn and your existing social media channels to create more opportunities for you to make an impact. Our expertise includes creating personal websites, publishing books, organising networking events, and public relations. We will work with you based on your appetite to grow your brand. 

Getting out of a car

What Comes With This Service? 

To summarise what you've just read above, our foundational Personal Brand Campaign will provide you with the following:

These foundational outputs command SGD1,450 to 2,500 to fulfil. 

Consultations calls.

A unique and comprehensive Personal Brand Guide in PDF, image formats, and source files.

A personal logo.

A social media plan with foundational content.

Your Investment

Our clients enter into either a monthly or 10-month investment model with us. In contrast to a traditional agency that bills you a flat amount with high management fees, we charge you just exactly the hours we work. This model allows you to expand the work in specific areas you want to focus on. These models are:


  • Renew every month, anytime you want. 

  • Pay a minimum of $550/month, consumable. 

  • Higher hourly rates.

  • Under this program, the foundational Personal Brand Campaign will eat up around $1,720 to $2,500. Therefore, if you set a budget of $650 /month, we will complete the foundational Personal Brand Campaign in about 2.6 to 3.8 months.


  • 10-month contract.

  • Lower hourly rates.

  • Pay a minimum of $750/month, consumable.

  • Under this program, the foundational Personal Brand Campaign will eat up around $1,450 to $1,800. Therefore, if you set a budget of $900/month, we will complete the foundational Personal Brand Campaign in about 1.6 to 2 months.

Once our partnership commences, we will provide estimates on how much the "Elevating & Refining" stage will cost. It all depends on how far you want to go. Your investments beyond the foundational outputs will be charged against your monthly consumable amount or budget. Both investment models allow you to receive support from us beyond Personal Branding. Our range of solutions is expansive-from personal administration to event management.

Concierge Service

What Is Your Story?
Let's Bring It Out! 

All good things start with a conversation. We’d love to hear from you! It’s time to bring out your identity, grow your influence, and make an impact.

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